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Birth Partner and Doula support Hypnobabies Mom

Hypnobabies hospital birth in Athens, GA

  My water broke at around 2:30pm on Saturday and I waited until pressure waves set in before calling my doula, Nicole, at around 8pm. She arrived at my house at 10pm. My pressure waves never got to the 4-1-1 stage, but were about 2 minutes apart lasting about 30-45 seconds. By 12:30 am, I… Read More

give birth in this room at Atlanta BIrth Center

Birthing at The Atlanta Birth Center- A Homebirth Away From Home

The Atlanta Birth Center is finally here! The doors are OPEN! Can you believe that Atlanta hasn't had a free standing birth center in decades? The last time Atlanta celebrated the opening of a local birthing center was in January of'83! Savannah's birth center has survived for nearly 30 years, but that's a bit of… Read More

Atlanta Doula, Home birth, Hypnobabies

How can a doula help you?

So Many Atlanta Doulas to Choose From... Lucky you! These doula services are commonly referred to as 'Antepartum' support or Bedrest Doulas. Who benefits from an Antepartum Doula? High Risk Situations Pregnancy Complications Those on Bedrest Teen Pregnancies A pregnancy doula offers support and resources in the antenatal period, similar to a labor doula. Unlike a… Read More

See Baby support natural childbirth at Dekalb Medical Center

10 ways Childbirth is changing at Decatur’s Dekalb Medical

It seems that the birthers have spoken! Dekalb Medical in Decatur, Georgia is now committed to the movement to Bring Birth Back™. Here are the top 10 reasons you may want to have your baby at the gorgeous hospital in Decatur with the SeeBaby team, including Dr. Brad Bootstaylor... Support team included in triage Nurse Navigator ~24 weeks… Read More

A natural birth at Northside Hospital in Atlanta

Hypnobabies Birth Doula at Northside Hospital Atlanta

Now this doesn't happen often at any practice or hospital in Atlanta, but my experience at Northside and the support team that I worked alongside needs to be shared. So, here I am to tell you why the midwives, obstetricians and nurses made my job as a birth doula so enjoyable... Now I do not wish… Read More

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