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Creating a birth plan is one of the easiest things you can do to prepare for the birth you want. The best way to figure out what you want is to learn what options are available! We’ll cover choices in natural birth, induction, pain medication, Cesarean birth, and early newborn care so you can plan a great birth tailored just for you.

Childbirth Classes

Metro Atlanta, Lawrenceville, and Athens

Prepare for birth in this 4 hour childbirth class

Are you looking for a crash course childbirth class that you can complete in an afternoon? Not interested in any particular method or program? Maybe you are too far along to take a childbirth class series. Let’s get together and I will help you understand all of your options for childbirth and the immediate postnatal hours. You can create a plan and begin to envision your ideal birth. For only $250 you can have an experienced childbirth educator bring the classroom into your home. The beauty of a private session is that we can tailor it to your specific needs.

A planning session to prepare for the birth you want

Topics we’ll cover include:

  • simple relaxation techniques
  • optimal fetal positions
  • hands on partner support
  • using a rebozo as a tool
  • common procedures as the due date gets close
  • routine procedures upon the start of labor
  • how to create informed consent
  • considering change of plans
  • pushing techniques
  • transitioning the newborn to the outside world
  • establishing the first nursing session
  • routine newborn procedures and alternatives

Breastfeeding Classes and Baby Care Classes are also available

Ready to create your birth plan? Get your own personal birth guru!

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Your Childbirth Educator has been teaching childbirth classes since 2009. She has experienced birth in a hospital and at home. As a birth doula she has also seen how much having a birth plan can impact the birth experience. This is her inspiration for offering birth planning and childbirth classes.

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