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Hypnobabies hospital birth in Athens, GA

Birth Partner and Doula support Hypnobabies Mom

About the author: Hi, I’m Nicole DiBella, your Lawrenceville Doula. I bring to you knowledge, support, and resources as you experience this new adventure in life. I want you to believe in you as much as I do!

A natural Hypnobabies birth at Athens Regional Hospital


My water broke at around 2:30pm on Saturday and I waited until pressure waves set in before calling my doula, Nicole, at around 8pm. She arrived at my house at 10pm. My pressure waves never got to the 4-1-1 stage, but were about 2 minutes apart lasting about 30-45 seconds. By 12:30 am, I was on my way to the hospital.

We drove through downtown Athens on a Saturday night while drunk college students were spilling onto the street almost bumping into our car as the Hypnobabies affirmations track playing over the radio kept telling me that I had a strong pregnant body that would soon give birth to a baby. It was surreal!

I was lucky to get a hospital room with a birthing tub so I stayed in it for about 6 hours! I also stayed at about 6 cm dilated for 12+ hours.

Nicole, my doula, was great. I couldn’t have done it without her or without the Hypnobabies training. I sailed right through some really intense pressure waves in my bubble of peace. Nicole used the rebozo to help get the baby to move down. I walked the halls, did some lunges, etc to finally get labor un-stuck. The last 2 hours got super intense.

The baby came out while I was in the exact position we practiced in our last class: the modified all-fours position facing backward on the bed. I “jump-roped” the placenta cord (I couldn’t wait for someone to hand him to me through my legs!) and held my baby right away. I didn’t tear at all and REALLY relied on my Hypnobabies techniques to get me through the “ring of fire” and pushing his head out between contractions [birthing waves].

It was all a daze but I’m so happy I went the all-natural route.

I think it made soooo much difference with the postpartum stuff. I feel like I have had less pain, less recovery time, more energy and clear-headedness than what many people had told me to expect.

If I had to do it over again, I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

– first time mom K. Uhlmeyer, Athens, GA

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