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Postpartum Belly Binding is becoming increasingly popular as people are recognizing the importance of self care after birth. My handmade Bengkung Belly Binds are beautiful, comfortable, and functional. You deserve some special YOU time after having a baby!

Postpartum Belly Binding Services

Metro Atlanta, Lawrenceville, and Athens

Are you searching for the perfect postpartum belly binder?

Belly binding is a great alternative to purchasing a mass produced binder that is probably made overseas.

Instead, consider having me hand make a Malaysian Bengkung Belly Bind just for you. The wraps are made of muslin cotton, so they can be washed and are very durable. I will show you how to do the belly binding and fit your first wrap. This takes about 1 hour. Your personalized, in home fitting fee is only $135 and includes your custom made Bengkung Belly Bind.

You can begin as early as 24 hours post vaginal birth or 2 weeks after a Cesarean birth. These beautiful binds are comfortable and breathable, offer a customized fit, and are compatible with the Tupler Technique.

Belly Binding is a traditional cultural tool

Used in Malaysia, Taiwan, and more to treat the postpartum woman with a special experience while also helping her body heal after birth.

  • The snugly wrapped belly bind can help to hold the abdominal muscles closer together for healing and repair (a large percentage of postpartum women have diastasis recti to some degree).
  • You can also expect belly binding to help the womb to shrink back down quicker, flush fluids and decrease post birth bleeding time, and hold the uterus in the proper position to prevent prolapse.
  • When wearing your belly bind you may experience improved postpartum self confidence by helping your shape appear less ‘frumpy’ and feel less ‘sloshy’.
  • Better posture due to the coverage of the belly bind can support an easier breastfeeding relationship since you won’t succumb to nursing hunch. You will be encouraged to bring your baby to you to feed rather than vice versa.

A belly bind is commonly used for the 40 days of ‘laying in’ period. Long term daily use will yield the best results. The proper size should extend up from your pubic bone to the top of your ribcage. It is common for the wrap to be slightly short of that, but as you shrink there will be more available fabric to reach higher on the diaphragm. Choose the correct fit based on pre-pregnancy size: S, M, L, XL


Convinced that belly binding is right for you? Make your move!

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