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10 ways Childbirth is changing at Decatur’s Dekalb Medical

See Baby support natural childbirth at Dekalb Medical Center

About the author: Hi, I’m Nicole DiBella, your Lawrenceville Doula. I bring to you knowledge, support, and resources as you experience this new adventure in life. I want you to believe in you as much as I do!

Natural Childbirth is changing in Decatur!

ETA: See Baby and Dr. Bootstaylor are no longer practicing at Dekalb Medical. You can find them catching babies at Atlanta Medical Center. Please contact Dekalb Medical directly to inquire about their current offerings. 

It seems that the birthers have spoken! Dekalb Medical in Decatur, Georgia is now committed to the movement to Bring Birth Back™. Here are the top 10 reasons you may want to have your baby at the gorgeous hospital in Decatur with the SeeBaby team, including Dr. Brad Bootstaylor

  • Support team included in triage
  • Nurse Navigator ~24 weeks as a liaison between SeeBaby and Dekalb Medical Center
  • On staff IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant)
  • Recently recognized as a Baby-Friendly hospital- the first one in Georgia
  • 4-6 waterbirth rooms available, even to VBACs, at Dekalb. You will receive your Waterbirth Certificate from SeeBaby at one of your prenatal appointments. They do not require you to provide a hospital or online prenatal class certificate like N. Fulton and Atlanta Medical Center.
  • Family Centered Cesareans performed by Dr. Bootstaylor himself with support team welcomed (partner, doula, photographer, etc)
  • Telemetry monitoring for freedom of movement and position changes throughout labor and pushing
  • Level III NICU, newborn antibiotics administered in room (when needed), quiet time (no interruptions! no vitals, check-ins- just family time and precious sleep)
  • Dr. Bootstaylor and his team will still support homebirthers and Dekalb Medical Center with treat homebirth transfers with respect and ensure the birth experience remains positive
  • Containers will be provided for families that wish to keep their placenta for use in Placenta Encapsulation or any other reason, complete with a Tree of Life label… ok the label is just a joke! Would be nice, though.

It sounds like a wonderful new option for the Atlanta area families that want to birth with a team (both prenatally and during labor & birth) that practices collaborative care and shared decision making, huh? If you like what you see here, take a few minutes and experience the virtual tour.

Maybe a natural childbirth is your goal! Start planning today for the birth you want. I am eager to support families at Dekalb Medical and would love to talk with you about my labor doula packages. Let’s get to know each other!

Dekalb Medical Center
450 North Candler St | Decatur, GA 30030 | 404.501.6100

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